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The many visits to be enjoyed during your stay are sure to delight both your eyes and your taste buds.

Gaze up at the sky 

Because to appreciate Millau viaduct along with the birds of prey at the 'Maison des Vautours' you have to look up! These viewing areas, perched up high and full of discoveries, allow you to admire both modern architecture and the natural world. At the vulture visitor centre everything makes for a really informative experience.

Look carefully

Can you spot the amber iris of the Gévaudan wolves in the middle of the park that’s reserved just for them?
From the smallest to the largest, the insects at Micropolis and the bison at the Margeride Reserve are sure to catch your eye and reveal all their secrets.

Enjoy a view underground

Aven Armand and Dargilan are caves of impressive dimensions that nature has formed over the years. A visit to these caves is the chance to go down into the rock where you get to see fascinating geological formations.
Man has been inspired by what nature creates underground. The caves in Roquefort, made up of an intricate and elaborate network of underground chambers, produce the characterful cheese of the same name.

Simply delicious

Luckily, the activities on offer in our region are great for getting a little exercise, and the walks you can enjoy here are perfect when you need to digest. Because you won't be able to resist tasting sessions for sampling our culinary heritage.
Cheese in all its forms, artisan charcuterie, local meat, and various other specialities pair perfectly with drinks produced according to regional traditions.

  • bateliers des gorges du tarn camping la blaquiere

    Les Bateliers Des Gorges du Tarn

    Seen from above, a canyon is beautiful, seen from below, it’s magical! From La Malène, crossing les Détroits, or the straits, to the Cirque des Baumes, listen to the story of the Tarn gorges recounted by a boatman onboard a boat similar to those that carried the first ‘tourist explorers’ one hundred and fifty years ago.

  • Draperies aven armand Bobbylamouche

    Aven Armand

    In the heart of the Causses and the Cévennes, classed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, set off on a ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’ more than 100 metres below the surface of the Causse Méjean. This underground chasm, which is easily reached by a funicular, is the opportunity to marvel at a concentration - unique in the world - of 400 stalagmites between 1 to 30 meters high, all enhanced by Jules Verne-style sound and lighting.

  • Dargilan

    Dargilan Cave

    Opposite the cliffs of the Causse Méjean, Dargilan cave, also known as the 'Pink Cave', opens onto the Jonte gorge from the Causse Noir. The tour takes you along a kilometre-long path with an atmospheric LED lighting system that perfectly enhances the columns and draperies of this amazing site. The highlight of the show is the 'Petrified Waterfall' almost 200 meters high.

  • La ferme caussenarde HPB48150

    La Ferme Caussenarde d’Autrefois

    Between the Tarn and Jonte gorges, in the hamlet of Hyelzas on the Causse Méjean plateau, the Caussenade heritage farm museum welcomes you to learn all about the life of its inhabitants in days gone by. In the farmhouse, where time has stood still, you can find out how men were able to adapt their habitat and know-how to the environmental constraints of the Causses.

  • vautours

    La Maison Des Vautours

    Between Le Rozier and Meyrueis, in the heart of the Jonte gorge, the observation platform at the vulture visitor centre is the perfect place to watch vultures and find out more about these incredible birds of prey. Reintroduced in the 70s and a protected species in the Cévennes Nature Park since 1976, four species of vultures can be seen majestically flying over the cliffs of the Causse Méjean: the griffon vulture, the black vulture, the Egyptian vulture, and the bearded vulture.

  • brasseurs de la jonte

    Les Brasseurs De La Jonte

    In Gatuzières, discover the secrets of beer making in this artisanal brewery set up in a former mill. Beers produced here are available to taste and can be purchased directly. And the person who’s driving (well, you do need to make sure everyone gets back to Camping La Blaquière safely) along with the children are sure to love the authentic taste of the brewery's range of artisan lemonades made using natural, organic products, free from preservatives and artificial flavouring.

  • viaduc2

    Millau Viaduct

    Opened in 2004, Millau viaduct is a majestic gateway to the Causses and the Cévennes, and the world's tallest road bridge. The Millau Viaduct Rest Area, accessible from both directions as well as from the D911, is home to Viaduc Expo; a free, open-access, dynamic interactive exhibition space arranged over 220 m². If you want to find out more, chargeable guided tours along the former construction site track are also available. The track is lined with full-scale models and gives you access to a surprising panoramic viewing point just under the deck.

  • Chateau de Peyrelade Bzgru

    Peyrelade Castle

    An imposing medieval fortress built between the 12th and 16th centuries on a rocky outcrop overlooking the entrance to the Tarn gorges, in the Middle Ages Peyrelade Castle controlled the Tarn valley. Today, during a tour you can discover the history of the site on an interpretive trail that includes models, information boards and a video.

  • Bisons

    European Bison

    The presence of this unusual animal on our soil dates back to prehistoric times! And creating reserves in Europe to protect this species that has disappeared from the wild in our regions, has been vitally important. On foot or in a horse-drawn cart, encountering the herd at the European Bison Reserve will leave you speechless. The enormous size of this forest giant never ceases to fascinate visitors.

  • Loups du Gévaudan

    Gévaudan Wolves

    Discover the incredible story of the ‘Beast of the Gévaudan’ and break down preconceived notions about the wolf. At the Gévaudan wolf park, you can see no less than five subspecies of wolves living in semi-liberty. Here you can also learn more about the wolf’s place in the world, their morphology, their highly specific social organisation and their methods of communication.

  • Castle of Severac Krzysztof Golik

    Castle and medieval fortified village Of Sévérac

    During various organised tours of the castle, guided or self-guided, you'll be able to access the medieval ramparts, watch-towers and curtain walls along with the medieval kitchen. Tours include historical reconstructions and interactive exhibitions along with a fun trail and medieval-themed playroom for the children.

  • montpellier le vieux

    La Cité de Pierres Montpellier-le-Vieux

    In the heart of the Grands Causses Regional Nature Park, on the Causse Noir plateau, this Parc Loisirs Nature, or outdoor activity park, has Europe’s largest collection of rock formations as its play area: Le Chaos de Montpellier-le-Vieux. Captivatingly unusual, this natural site is an extraordinary collection of ruiniform dolomitic rocks that can be toured on foot, onboard a small train, or for the more intrepid, along a via ferrata or zip line.

  • Roquefort

    Roquefort Société

    It's the special conditions found at the site that led to the creation of natural caves that are ideal for maturing Roquefort cheese. Discover how, in contact with stone and wood and stored at a constant temperature of 10°C, Roquefort develops its distinctive character. Both children and grown-ups will love the guided tour and information sheet describing the complex layout of the caves, as well as the sampling at the end of course!

  • Micropolis

    Micropolis La cité des insectes

    You'll be transported into the world of nature’s tiniest creatures through some 15 indoor rooms and 11 outdoor stands where the fun and colourful scenes are sure to attract everyone's attention. The many vivaria, butterfly house, 3D cinema, games areas and numerous activities will also help you understand the role that insects play in our environment.

  • randal bison

    Randals Bison

    Visit this American bison farm during a tour in a trailer or on horseback. Enjoy the opportunity to get close up to a herd of adult bison and their young born in the spring. In July, you can also see the 'Authentic Cowboys' show; the most spectacular cattle sorting competition involving Europe's best cowboys.

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