gorges du tarn
Outdoor activities

Outstanding nature Outdoor activities

canoe kayak dans le tarn

Paddling down the Tarn In canoe-kayak

Don't miss this must-do activity! Suitable for everyone, from children to grown-ups, it's the perfect way to explore and take in the Tarn gorges.
Along the river, the breathtaking landscape of the gorges opens up to reveal the richness of its wildlife along with the grandeur of the geological formations it boasts.
Between bathing in its high-quality waters, stopping off at beaches that can't be reached on foot and enjoying open views of the area, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy the Tarn gorges in exceptional circumstances.
Along the River Tarn, you'll find many professional activity organisers who offer a wide range of trips.
From April to October, you can go off on a trip lasting from two hours to two days, so you're sure not to miss any of this magnificent location.

escalade dans les gorges du tarn
Rock climbing

Get an overview Rock climbing

Where there are gorges, there are cliffs!

If you mention cliffs, you can already see climbing enthusiasts pricking their ears. So when you add an amazing palette of colours, tracks rising up some 50 meters and breath-taking scenery, you're sure to find anyone and everyone who enjoys or is passionate about climbing.
The Tarn gorges - a favourite rock climbing site
For the experienced climber, the gorges make a fantastic playground on a dolomitic limestone wall. The well-known Cirque des Baumes is home to internationally renowned climbing sites, with over 700 routes that mainly range from 6 to 8.
And for those less experienced, easily-accessible routes have also been created. Introductory, learner, and discovery activities are offered by a number of clubs. Professional outdoor activity organisers are on hand to advise, guide and accompany you.
Whether it's a dizzying ascent or a gentle introduction, the Tarn gorges are ideal for rock climbing.

pratique de la peche dans le tarn

Fishing in Lozère, In the heart of the Gorges du Tarn

The River Tarn and the many rivers and streams of the Lozère make an ideal setting for fishing.
In the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Tarn gorges offer an exceptional environment for fishing enthusiasts and nature lovers.
Fans of rod fishing will find numerous more or less demanding stretches that will content the most passionate enthusiasts along with recreational anglers.
The site's rivers are classed as First Category and are home to a rich variety of fish such as trout, dace and chub.
Camping La Blaquière is located on the banks of the River Tarn, which makes reaching fishing stretches really easy.
Fishing in France is subject to rules and regulations. Don't hesitate to ask for details.

randonnée dans le tarn
Walking & Hiking

Walking & Hiking Go exploring an outstanding nature

Take time to look at the flowers, gaze up at the vertiginous cliffs, discover the region's history and observe the local wildlife.
Set off on a discovery of an unspoilt environment, abundant nature and rich heritage.
Accessible for all levels, the walks and hikes to be enjoyed between the Grands Causses and the Cévennes are as numerous as they are varied.
Walk along the gently flowing River Tarn to enter the heart of its gorges, wander along the cliffs and gaze down over this place of outstanding beauty or take the smaller tracks deep into the forest and observe the wildlife.

You can also enjoy walks and hikes out to villages and hamlets that are typical of the Lozère, which will allow you to discover their history and how they were built.
The many waymarked routes mean children and grown-ups along with seasoned walkers and those who just like to stroll can visit the region in a unique way.

cyclotourisme et vtt dans le tarn
Cycling & Mountain biking

The 3 Causses Cycling and Mountain biking

Discover the Grands Causses Regional Nature Park by bike or mountain bike along one of the marked routes.
You're sure to find the ride up well worth it when you reach the Causse De Sauveterre, Causse Méjean or Causse Noir plateaux from where you can enjoy a bird's eye view of stunning landscapes. These 360-degree views reveal the immensity of the cliffs of the Tarn gorges and the colours of this exceptional site.
The routes will take you through shady forests, drier and sunnier spots, along with quintessential villages and hamlets.
It's the ideal way to take in miles of varied landscapes while enjoying the area's preserved surroundings.
From the most challenging routes to those to do as a family, on the '3 Causses' circuit there's something for everyone. You'll find companies offering bikes for hire as well as qualified instructors to accompany you on your ride.

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