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The 'Camping Qualité' association was created by the French National Federation of Outdoor Hotels and consumer representatives (F. F. C. C.) with the support of the Secretary of State for Tourism.

This is the seal of a quality holiday.

When a campsite receives Camping Qualité label, its manager commits to 6 points:

A warm welcome
Hospitality, willingness, thoughtfulness and efficiency are the watchwords of every manager and all their teams. They thus contribute to a relaxing, pleasant and enjoyable stay.

Immaculate cleanliness
Throughout the entire opening period, cleanliness and hygiene are guaranteed everywhere on the campsite.

Accurate and correct information
The campsite manager provides complete, clear and precise information about the site: accurate descriptions of the equipment and opening periods and times, the various services and activities available. Prices are clearly explained and rigorously applied.

Well maintained and private pitches
Campsite managers take the necessary steps to offer private pitches and ensure peace and quiet. The pitch is tastefully and aesthetically landscaped to ensure it fits in with both the site and the natural environment.

Care and respect for the environment
Campsite managers undertake to preserve nature, to landscape their campsite in such a way as to respect and protect the environment and to seek tailored environmental solutions. Landscaping and energy saving are priorities for Camping Qualité, which thus helps to preserve an environment that is increasingly under threat.

An eco-friendly policy
The campsite manager ensures that his establishment is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Ecological and green processes are used in the campground : Waste and water management systems, energy resources, and also within the company : communication, promotion of the local life…

At Camping La Blaquière we're mindful of your needs and make every effort to meet your requirements.


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